Friday, August 01, 2008

Monkeys, Sleep and Stomachs

Nothing like lack of sleep to make you come up with odd titles... But while Tater was sleeping the other day, Tot and I painted monkeys. Here is Tot with his:

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Love his shiny hair in the picture. Looks almost like gold strands. How I ended up with such good looking little men is amazing to me. And I love Tot's idea of what the monkey should look like... multicolored.

Between Happydog waking up at night, Tater having a stomach bug, and Tot actually having a real nightmare... this has been one sleepless week. We went to a friend's pool yesterday for an hour and then Tot and I went to Karate... and the normal routine continues even when Mom has zero energy... Ugh.


pam said...

No, not monkeys! Multicolored monkeys, at that!
Ack! ;)

wRitErsbLock said...

I think we have those same monkeys. From Michaels? We painted them over the weekend. Brown, mostly.

Vered said...

I often look at my daughters with awe too, and tell myself "these beautiful little girls are MY DAUGHTERS!"

I know the feeling. :)

Kim @ What's That Sm said...

Sorry you re not getting any sleep! I've been having the same issue! You gotta love multi-colored monkeys!!!
Oh and yay for karate! I can't wait to get my son going. I have to teach him though because we moved far away from the school I learned at and since I am a certified instructor, why pay someone else and to learn a different style!