Monday, August 18, 2008

This Is Really Gross

My life is always entertaining. Never a dull moment in this household. I have some pictures below the fold. Gross pictures of my wound. Go ahead and take a look if you have a strong stomach. Then tell me which part of the body you think that could possibly be. Go ahead, look. I'm waiting. Tick Tick Tick tick... ok, I'm bored. The answer is... my right breast! The first picture is from Saturday morning... I iced it like the doctor said on Friday and all was well. Then I lived my life with 2 kids and what you see in picture two is what it looks like on Sunday morning. Notice the butterfly band-aids. I was told they would come off in the shower. They haven't come off. I'm NOT peeling them off. Nope.

So why do I have this wound in my breast? Because I had a biopsy. Sigh. I have had an infection going on 5 weeks now. I ended up going to a specialist. He agreed it was not inflammation breast cancer. Yaa... the first doctor freaked me out saying that is what she thought it was. Ok, all mammograms and ultrasounds said it was not cancer. But it wouldn't go away. It got better... but it wouldn't go away. Sigh. Finally he said on Friday that I needed a biopsy. Which happen to hurt me. Most people only find the numbing part painful. Not me. It took 3 numbing shots and I still felt that sucker. Probably because he was sucking out infected breast pieces and not a solid mass. I don't know. Though my sister, ddpups, had a great idea. I should ask for a reduction next time. GRIN.

So let's review the last couple of weeks for my kids... that way when they are attending therapy for an inconsistent mom... they'll have the facts straight...

Mom has breast infection and finds out it is not cancer. Then Happy dog is taken in and finds out he does have cancer. Mom sent to specialist because antibiotics doesn't seem to be working. Happy dies. Back in March, Mom made an appointment to get the second half of her implant done on Monday, Aug 11. Now her mouth hurts. Friday, Aug 15th, the specialist decides it is better to just make sure and does a biopsy. Oh... I forgot... I'm having urinary incontinence injection surgery on Friday, Aug 22nd. This doctor puts you under so you don't move while she is doing the injections. Smart doctor. Poor planning on my part. Then again all of this is getting out of the way now.

And the other item happening this week is that I find the results out on Tuesday late afternoon.

Here are the pictures:

Picture 1 from Saturday morning:

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Picture 2 from Sunday morning:

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Marie said...

Oh dear!!! I hope it heals soon. That looks much worse than the needle biopsies I've had. I hope the boys go easy on you!

pam said...

Oh, sweetie! It's either one thing or another, eh?

Thank God you don't have cancer! Prayers of thanks going up for that. Hope you feel better soon. {hugs}

songstress7 said...

ok, ouch? >.<

Poor VW, that looks horrible. :(

wRitErsbLock said...

oh honey
anything I can do to help?

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