Thursday, August 28, 2008

Memories of Moving

Nope, I'm not moving anytime soon. But I can guarantee that if I move again, I will pay for someone to move me. Whether it is moving pods or a moving company. I refuse to do what I have done in the past. I have used family and friends to move me. After about 3 of those kinds of moves, I have lost more stuff than I thought possible. It is NOT their fault, but my own. You would have thought after the first time, I would have caught on... nope. And I am an organized person. I label stuff... but when you have people who are moving you that are limited in time or are not the same kind of organizer you are... things disappear. I wouldn't be surprised if one year, all the stuff shows back up... maybe from the 10th dimension.

What about you? Have you moved lately? Would you use a mover or family and friends? Any funny stories? I always offered food and drink (usually pizza and beer) when someone helped to move me... what about you?


awtm said...

NEVER doing it again alone NEVER....

chaos rules here.

The Gray Monk said...

They say you lose three things each time you move and find three from the last time. By the sound of it you have a few "threes" due. I have moved far to often in my life - at last count we made it 27 moves - and most of those have been "self" move, but three have been using professional movers. And we still lost stuff.

Probably because I have too much "stuff" anyway.

Moving Containers said...

You are not alone. A lot of people have decided to use labor moving services. There are a lot of advantages to moving this way including:

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Frank Miller

Bou said...

I hire movers. If one of my friends drops something, what am I doing to do, sue them? No. Movers are insured. I can't bring myself to let people I know move my King sized four poster bed... Makes me crazy that they might snap off a post.