Friday, August 29, 2008

Five Questions

Mom Grind asked five questions of her readers. I thought they were pretty funny... I am answering them here for my sons to get a laugh out of it in the future...

1. Toothpaste - do you squeeze the tube from the bottom or from the top? bottom

2. Morning person or a night owl? Morning person - though the boys are making it a little rough.. 6am ok, 5:20am... not so ok.

3. Sweet tooth or not really? Sweet tooth. Chocolate and sugar mixed... yep... sweet!

4. Can you carry a tune? No. My mom, sisters, children... have asked me not to sing.

5. Do you have a favorite color? If you do, is it REALLY your favorite color or did you feel compelled to choose one because people ask this question so frequently? My favorite color changes with my mood.

Ok, go ahead, give it a try. Answer the questions. ;-)


pam said...

Bottom, Morning, Sweet, No, Green. :D

vw bug said...

I love it!!! Thanks for answering Pam.

Vered said...

Ha. When I sing in the car... my kids always ask me to stop too.

sticks said...

Middle (I know that is known to cause divorces); Morning except for M - F; Sweet tooth one week out of every month; I can carry a tune but not one anyone wants to hear. It scars dogs.; Favorite color changes with mood too.

diamond dave said...

1. Wherever I can get my hand on it first.
2. I'm a morning person, but not by choice. I'd rather be a night owl.
3. When it comes to ice cream, definite sweet tooth.
4. Sure I can. When I have my earphones on and the house is empty.
5. Blue. Yes, I prefer that color, and it's always my standard answer to this question.

vw bug said...

Vered: Yep, not allowed to do that anymore.
Sticks: It scars dogs? Geeze, mine just scares people and makes them run away screaming "Stop, Stop". hahahaha
Diamond Dave: Yep, I do better singing by myself.

GUYK said...

3---no sweet tooth..ain't got no damn teeth
4---I can carry a tune if you will put it in a sack
5---I didn't think I had a favorite color but sweetthing allows that when I buy a shirt it is always some shade of blue..

vw bug said...

Guyk: I'd be afraid of what was said when they opened the sack. hahahahaha...

sticks said...

ok. scars/scares-same difference in this case. It's not good.

Bou said...

1) Middle until the stuff in the end is out and then I squeeze from the end until its empty.

2) Night owl.

3) Sweet Tooth.

4) Only if... the tune is being played with me. If its a capela, no. Absolutely not.

5) Dark deep green.

vw bug said...

Bou: Deep dark green, deep dark purple and blue are usually the colors I pick. Not even if I have the music going can I carry a tune... and I played a clarinet, first string for 3 years. Still can't sing. ;-)