Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Boys Do in South Florida

I was thinking about this the other day. I am not big into spending money for summer camps. I used our money for karate and swimming. I did break down and spend it on a fishing camp. Yet... I hear a lot of the kids talk about golfing. It is a big deal down here. Bou had her kids taking Golf Camp. Still, I have been hesitant about it all... particularly since my boys play the Wii golf to see how far they can hit it. This included putting. Then all of the sudden, at the end of the summer... they got serious and actually tried to make it in the hole. Wow. Not sure why it wasn't funny to just wack it hard anymore.

Ok, cool. Pop plays golf two or three times a week. If I could get my kids into golfing, then they could go up to visit the in-laws and go golfing. Suddenly I had a huge STOP come to mind. Golf means buying golf bags, golf shoes, golf clubs, and ... you get the point. I think I will wait until they are older to see if they have an interest in golf. No Tiger Woods in this household. They can wait until they are older to see which sport they like, if any. We already own baseball bats, balls, cleats (which they have outgrown), gloves.. and they sit there. On the shelf. Nope, no more money going out of here anytime soon.

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