Sunday, August 24, 2008

Genes that seem to have missed me

I look at my kids and wonder which of my genes they have inherited. Or possibly the ones from my parents or my in-laws. Will they get diabetes? Will they go from being blond headed to brown headed? And if they get my mother's clear face, I'll be annoyed. While I was never a child that needed acne treatments, I did get acne growing up. My mom did NOT. It is years away before we see the results of the gene pool for this one... but it comes to mind. Is it just genes? Or is it diet? Or both? Mamaw was never one to eat many sweets growing up. I don't remember much junk food around our house when I was a teenager. Not that I was forbidden to have it, it just wasn't in the house. I ate well, drank water, and still had acne. While I think it would be wonderful if they don't have acne, I will still be annoyed that it skipped a generation. What about you? Any gene pool activity in your household that makes you wonder when it will appear and in which generation?

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Rave said...

I had acne as a teen...still have it as an adult and it sucks big time!
Hubby never had it.

As for the kids, one out of three has it all the time, one has it during PMS and one never gets it. Go figure.