Friday, August 29, 2008

A Particular Memory of Europe with Hubby

While we were not married at the time... my soon to be hubby came to visit me in Europe in the winter. We had a blast. Here is a picture of one of the castles we went to see... Nope, didn't write it on the back and I don't remember the name of it... anyone out there recognize it? I believe we were in Salzburg at the time, but not positive.

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And while running around the city, a bus stopped and let a bunch of people off to do the tourist kind of thing... Hubby could not resist getting his picture by the bus:

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I wonder how long before the kids get the humor of that picture?

And I had no idea that the gargoyles on some churches were actually rain spouts. Very cool:

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As you can see, we had a fun time running around. I was there six months, my hubby joined me a couple of times. I'll have to see if I can find more pictures with info on them to put out here.


Sara at On Simplicity said...

Okay, that bus is hilarious! I wonder what kind of innocuous stuff we have here that is completely inappropriate in other cultures...

The Gray Monk said...

Gargoyles come in several types. Most are decorative but nearly all of them are supposed to throw the rainwater away from the walls - its to prevent erosion actually.

Oh, and Terry Pratchet says they huddle out of the weather when we aren't looking and eat pigeons.