Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Tooth Fairy was Generous

Tater lost his front two bottom teeth. I noticed Friday at dinner that here was an empty spot in his mouth. We think he swallowed the tooth. That boy needs to chew his food better. The other was on Saturday while eating a snack. He just pulled it out.

Here are a couple of pictures from Friday:

Here's a cuter picture:

Now here is the second tooth pictures... notice he is holding it in his hand!

And here is a picture from today:

My little boy is growing up. Getting adult teeth, 1st grade, 4 feet tall... man oh man... what happened to my little Michelin man? Oh, that's right... he is Money man now. He got $1 for the first tooth and for some reason the tooth fairy visited him TWICE last night and he got $2. $3 for just two teeth. Geeze.


Marie said...

Aww! Go Tater!

This tooth-loss thing sounds like a profitable gig!

vw bug said...

Definitely. He thought he would get $4 a tooth. I said he would be lucky to get 50cents. hahaha.

Mrs. Who said...

Not to sound gross, but did you know there's a company that makes necklaces with baby teeth? It kind of looks like pearls...kind of.

bob Agard said...

That durn tooth fairy really gets around. She was here in Colorado the same night she came to your house in Florida!

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