Monday, August 25, 2008

Instead of a daily prompt...

I have been watching Tink, my sister, write using a daily prompt from her digital scrapbooking group. I kept thinking it was a cool idea. She is putting down stuff about her and her life for future reference to her children. Since I actually save my blog to CD every couple of months, so that my kids can have it when they get older... I have wanted to start doing more of the same. But I just couldn't get into the prompts. They are interesting and would force me to answer questions but I just didn't do it.

Then I found out about from a couple of bloggers. I decided to give it a shot and I love it. It is an odd twist... I may not necessarily buy from any of the links I put into my posts, but it forces me to think about something to write to fit the need of the paid post. Hence, in the future I will be posting more stories. You'll still get pictures and opinions and a few other odds and ends as usual. Just an extra post or two. In twenty years, when my kids actually load up my old posts and look at them, those links will probably be gone. The stories will still be there and hopefully, they will enjoy them. Oh... I hope you enjoy them now!

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