Thursday, August 28, 2008

Remember When I Was In Europe?

No? Well that would be because it was many many years ago. I wrote a lot of emails to family and friends about my trip. I had even printed a bunch out... but they have gotten lost in all the moves I have made. I wish Bou or my mom still had them!

It was fun and exciting getting ready for the trip. How much money do I bring? How many suit cases? What about travel insurance? (Luckily my company and the health insurance I had covered all I needed... but I didn't know until I did some research). Where is my apartment? What will I get to go see? Is it true that the stores aren't open on Sundays?

Fantastic experience that I will never forget. But how to write about it for my kids? That is the question. The bike rides when it finished snowing. The castles where they had fingers in jars out for display. The beauty of the churches on the inside and out. The foods, the people. Hmmm... Where to start? Look for a story or two about my life in Europe to be showing up soon. I'm just trying to figure out which ones!

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