Friday, August 15, 2008

Thinking about my children

Lately there has been discussion in my house as to who's belly you came out of... Tot wants to tell everyone he came out of Mamaw's belly. I keep telling him NO WAY. I worked too hard to have the bugger and he came out of my belly.

In fact, it reminded me of trying to get pregnant with Tater. I had to go to a fertilization specialist. Like the majority of people I had problems with my hormones... progesterone included. In fact, lots of things happened. I had pills, shots, was probed, poked and so much more. I was lucky. Only one lose within the first ten months, and at the end of the tenth month I was pregnant with Tater.

We just had the yearly check up yesterday and I look at my two boys... Tater is 48 inches tall. He is in the 90th percentile for weight and height for his age of 6 years old... and he JUST turned six. Tot is 75th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. Yet the nurse and doctor said he was not fat, that he was solid. I can't believe all I went through with my boys and how lucky I am.

Then again, if you talked to Mamaw right now... she would say that my house is insane and that I am not a consistent parent... which is part of the reason why my house is insane. ;-) Too much has gone on the last 3 weeks. Including a lack of sleep. It is getting better. She is cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry and making my life Soooo much easier. I just wish she could stay longer. Ahhh... I'll take advantage of her while she is here. Hmmm... which means I need to get off my rear-end and find more stuff she can do for me!!! Later!

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pam said...

That must be a common thing for kids; we were sitting in Sweet Tomatoes one day when one of the grands asked OD if he came out of her tummy. LOL!