Thursday, July 31, 2008

VW Bugs and Mental Floss

MaryBeth sent me a great link from Mental Floss... it was about how 30 years ago today, they stopped making vw bugs and 10 quick tidbits about vw bugs.

Number 9 was my favorite:

9. Beetle engines are often hacked into other things, including ski lifts, small airplanes, air compressors, water pump-powerers and motorcycles.

But there was a game mentioned that I remember as a kid... that was number 4:

4. Lots of kids play Slug Bug here in the Midwest. If you see a Bug somewhere, you immediately punched whoever is closest to you and say, “Slug Bug, no slugs back.” Apparently the game is called Punch Buggy everywhere else in the world.

Go enjoy learning more about my namesake. Gotta love those bugs!


diamond dave said...

Yeah, we used to do Slug Bug, too. We also did Pop Cop and Cadillac Whack.

hyrcan said...

"VW Bugs don't leak oil... they mark their spot."

I loved my bug... and the bus I had after it. Always an adventure with them. And introduced me to the writings of John Muir.


PrimoDonna said...

The first car that my husband and I owned was a blue VW bug. We bought it while we were living in Germany in 1970. It cost $1,800! The monthly payments were huge--$75! My two granddaughters play Slug Bug. They say, "Slug Bug, no slugs back," too, but they say the color of the bug just before that.

Roses said...

As I recall, your "Slug Bug" didn't count unless you called out the color of the car, too.
So, unless you said "slug bug blue!", the other person could slug you back.