Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tuesday Fun and Mom Gets to Have Friends Over

Yep, I got to have wRitErsbLock and Sherlock come visit last night. I had a blast. Even if wRitErsbLock laughed the hardest at picturing me running while telling her the story of why my nickname in highschool was QuackAss. I still refuse to change it from vw bug.

Click below to see pictures and find out what we did on Tuesday...

We ran to Soar'n first thing as we got into Epcot. The boys loved it. Off to get fastpasses for TestTrack and then to the 'big ball'. I tried to email pictures of the family back to Mamaw and myself but we still haven't gotten them. Not sure what I did wrong. Probably forgot to press send. ;-)

Waiting for Tater and Dad to finish lunch we played taking silly pictures:

Next was lunch, then Figment. They love it when he sprays the 'skunk' smell at you. Finally we made it to TestTrack. Tot was thrilled about it... Tater didn't want to go. Sigh. Yet, Tater did go on it versus sitting outside with mom. He wanted Dad to stay outside with him... when that didn't work, he went on it. I was proud of him. He was actually scared of some of it. After we are in there almost ready to get into a car, he tells us about it. After he got off... he l.o.v.e.d it. We had talked about it before getting on it. Not sure if that made a difference... talking about how none of it is dangerous and explaining how it worked, or he just enjoyed it once he got on it.

Getting into the cars AFTER the ride was just as much fun!

Since Universe of Energy was right next door... off to see the 'dinosaurs'.

Mom ripped her fanny pack so we stopped in the store before we left... I'll post more about that later. Enjoy!


wRitErsbLock said...

we had a great time visiting with youse guys

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