Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Mommy Come Look" is not what you want to hear at 6am

I was in the kitchen, Tot was sitting on the couch and I hear:

Tot: Mommy come look
Mom: Just a minute
Tot: Mommy come look now!
Mom: Ok, what is it
** bou blink as I walk over and see his p.nis sticking out of his underwear **
Tot: Look, I can make it move!
Mom: ummm Yes. Now you can put it away.
Tot: Knock knock
Mom: Who's there?
Tot: Baby (said in elvis like voice)
Mom: Baby who?
Tot: Baby in your butt. **belly laughter**
Mom: *sigh* *smile*
Tot: Knock knock
Mom: Who's there?
Tot: Baby (said in elvis like voice)
Mom: Baby who?
Tot: Baby in your eye. **more laughter**

this continues with different body parts until Happy dog shows up... and I threaten to have Happy kiss Tot. Then Tot pulls down his underwear and tells Happy to kiss his butt. No joke. I thought I was going to burst from holding in the laughter. And then the conversation went something like this:

Tot: Mom, kiss my butt.
Mom: No
Tot: *laughing* Mom, kiss my butt.
Mom: No, farts and poop come out of it, I am NOT kissing it.
Tot: *with underwear still down, turns to put butt towards me* Mom, kiss my butt.
Mom: *unable to resist, gives a spank on that bottom* NO, I will NOT.
Tot: *moving out of reach and laughing harder* Kiss my butt, kiss my butt, kiss my butt!!!
Mom: It has stinky stuff come out of it, I will NOT kiss it.

Then Tater shows up and all stops. Phew.


pam said...

You have full-fledged adventures, don't you? Holy moly! I wouldn't know whether to laugh, cry or scream... ;)

wRitErsbLock said...

yeah, well, kiss my butt then! ;)

sticks said...

Sure hope he never asks the teacher to do that. You would undoubtedly get a phone call. Of course, there would probably be hysterical laughter on the other end because he is so darn cute.

Eric said...

... oh my!..... well, in other news, the snakeskin that you requested is on its way towards you and your boys!.... I hope it is what you wanted!...

diamond dave said...

Hoo boy. That conversation started out bad and went downhill in a hurry. At least he didn't try to act like Tommy Lee with his, uh, y'know. (hides face in shame)

BTW what is a Bou Blink? (I'm assuming it's related to Boudicca.) That's the second time I've heard the expression.

vw bug said...

I think I started picking up the 'bou blink' with this post:


or maybe this one:


though this one might help:


or this one:


Just after reading her for a while, you can't help but do the 'bou blink' ha ha ha ha.