Monday, July 28, 2008

Ben 10 Omnitrix cake - sorta

Oddybobo sent me an email about my 'cake'. I was having a hard time and took some MAJOR shortcuts. Which bit me in the rear-end... because I didn't add the dye slowly to the icing and was too tired to make more icing... why? Because it came out too dark of a green and I really needed it lighter... nope, didn't do it. Wonder what all the kids po.op looked like the next day? hahahaha...

Here is what I did:

Found a picture of an Omnitrix and made two 9" round cakes and iced them in white icing. Yep, it should have been grey... I'm telling you, I was really tired:

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I used a plastic knife to carve the outline I wanted in the icing. Then started putting the green icing on first:

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I was able to scrape enough white icing from the bowl to make a slightly lighter green for the where the alien shows through like in the watch and then I put green dots in for the 4 circles and proceeded to ice the black outlines. The black circles around the green dots were last. Oh... wait... the attempt to make Grey Matter (the alien) was last. No, it does not even look close. ;-)

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It worked, it was edible and it was Ben 10. Yes, I did remember to remove the wax paper before taking it to the party. ;-) If I had been patient enough, I would have done it with the little stars for the green, made sure it was light enough and probably looked at the Ben 10 Alien Force Omnitrix to see make sure I had the right color scheme. Because depending on which Omnitrix you look at, the colors are different. Sometimes it has yellow on the sides instead of grey or some of the pictures even show black.

For decorating I bought Green plates, cups, table clothes and then Yellow plates, cups and table clothes. I bought 8 1/2 x 11 mailing label paper and printed Ben 10 aliens and Ben 10 on them, cut them out and decorated the cups and bags and whatever hit my fancy.

Ta da.


Mrs. Who said...

Okay...maybe it's because my kids are all teens that I don't know this, but what is Omnitrix?

Bou said...

I'm so old. I have no clue about Ben 10. That just looks like a big green Pokeball to me! :)

vw bug said...

Go to see about Ben 10...

It starts with ben tennyson, a 10 year old, finding a watch looking device called an omnitrix. It can turn ben into 10 different aliens. To help 'save' the world, though being 10 he can be a little mischievous occasionally.

Oddybobo said...

Ahh yes, but now Ben is 15 and he is friends with his nemisis Kevin Levin and he has all new aliens which means all new toys to buy. . . But the new Omnitrix is awesome and so is your cake!

watch ben 10 alien force said...

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