Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nose and Drinking

Tot and I had a 'discussion' today. On the lines of:

Mom: Tot stop crying over the lid not going down.
Tot: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mom: Tot stop it or I'll send you straight to your room when you get home
Tot: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mom: One
Mom: Two
Tot: Fine, I'm going to drink my water
Mom: **blink** ok.
**brief moment of silence**
Tot: Mom, it won't go up my nose.
Mom: Huh?
Tot: I can't drink my water through my nose. I want to drink it through my nose.
Mom: **glances in rearview mirror and sees water bottle up to Tot's nose and him trying to pour water in nose** uhhhhhhhhh **Bou Blink**
Mom: Tot, is it going down your throat through your nose?
Tot: Nope
Mom: Chances are your nose is not made for drinking water.
Tot: oh.

**glances in rearview mirror over the next 10 minutes just to look at Tot**
**blinks in disbelief as he continues to figure out a way to drink water through his nose**

Mental Note: Never ever let children drink some of my drink. Never.


oddybobo said...


Bou said...

Good God, he's not drinking mine either! Blech!

Carmen said...

Ha Ha - that is hilarious. Makes me wonder what to expect from mine when he gets that big....

Lemon Stand said...

Nope. Mine never did that... Tot must have gotten a really GOOD curiosity gene... ya think? :o)

Lemon Stand said...

Ooops. Oh yeah... I also tagged ya. :oP

Ogre said...

Oh, give the poor kid a straw already!