Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

My BIL sent me THIS SITE for my dog... I was LMAO when I saw it...

= = =

Sleep Is Better Than S.x Because...

1. You don't feel guilty about doing it alone.

2. No one will start rumours about how much you sleep.

3. You won't complain in the morning about not getting any.

4. You don't have to pay for sleep.

5. You don't need to sleep after sleeping.

6. Sleep can last a good eight hours. (or even more)

7. You can sleep in church.

8. While sleeping, you can have sex with anyone you want.

9. Your teddy bear never complains.

And of course....

10. It's legal to sleep in any position whichever country you live in.


pam said...

LOL! Like this one... :)

Ogre said...

You have your own personal Bill? Does he do windows? ;)

vw bug said...

Ogre: Smart Arse... Brother-in-law. Ok Ok, I forgot the dashes. ;-)

nickel1942 said...

Very cute blog. Thanks.