Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Humor for Dreaded Wednesday

Just for Bou, I looked around for breast humor.

I found this breast ogle game... I tried a couple of times and finally won once...

Breast Ogle

= = =

There is a lot of breast feeding humor and lots of conferences given by cancer survivors that say humor helps... but honest good funny breast humor... very lacking. ar ar ar... It's late, I'm tired. Please send your prayers and good thoughts over to Bou. While she is handling it well, it never hurts to have a good prayer or thought sent the way of someone dealing with a lump found in the breast.


Bou said...

HOly crap, I stink at this game. I keep getting slammed with that can!

"fun for the whole family" Heh.

Tink said...

You get slammed no matter what, LOL. In my thoughts Bou.

The Gray Monk said...

In my prayers.