Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jabba the Frog

When I saw the garden decoration that my mom put in her yard (see picture below)... I thought of the Mexican Frog pot that Bou wanted... along with the Frog Puke pots. Definitely a Star Wars Frog would add to the fun! Click to Enlarge...

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And no, it is not advertised as a Star Wars frog... it's just the first thing everyone in my family thought when they saw it.


Bou said...

Yikes! It's Jabba the Hut in Frog Form! He belongs in my garden. I've renamed my garden... Calvin's Garden. I think Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes would have puking frogs. I took pix. I need to download and post.

Everytime I walk outside and see the small frog puking fern I start to laugh myself silly. You know I'm all about keeping myself entertained. Heh!

Richmond said...

Cute frog! I need to get one jsut to make the neighbors jealous... ;)