Saturday, September 22, 2007

Larry Bird versus Word Bird

Life is always entertaining at my house. Tot was scanning through the TV guide that is on the TV. Yes, he does know how to use the tv flicker. He saw a listing for Larry Bird. And I hear him hollaring to me...

Tot: Mom, Mom... I want to watch Word Bird
Mom: Word Bird? On TV?
Tot: Yaa Mom, right here. How to I watch Word Bird?
Mom: **blinks** I don't see Word Bird on the listing.
Tot: Mommmmmm...
Mom: Oh... That is Larry Bird. See the L. LLLLL Larry not Word.
Tot: oh.

Sigh... I thought when they learned to walk life was hard... having them learn to read just a little is going to be even more entertaining and harder. I wonder what Larry would think if he found out that he wasn't worth watching since he wasn't Word Bird.


Jody said...

My sister was describing the pain of v e r y s l o w reading to me last night. But I bet it makes for great stories.

Lukie said...

Hey he got the Bird right. You go Tot. You the man!

Ogre said...

I think Word is Larry's younger cousin, once removed on his mother's side.