Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here Vulture, Vulture, Vulture

Seems we have been taken over by Vultures! Here are a few that liked my fence:

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They decided to roost in a tree nearby:

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What's next?


pam said...

I know what you're thinking: "...can famine and pestilence be far behind...?"

Mother Nature's vacuum cleaner is just looking for more work... ;)

Richmond said...

Well, if Happy starts getting nervous I would worry.... Yeepers!

Rave said...

Wow. In a way, that's too cool.

Flip that coin, and it's just plain creepy.

Mrs_Who said...

Umm...maybe make sure your will is in order?

GUYK said...

No wonder..the democrats is in control and even the vutures figure they will kill the country. The buzzards is jist waitin' for it to die..

Roses said...

I'd tell the wrinkly old neighbor lady to stop laying out for a tan.

Bou said...

Something in your yard is dying... I'm serious. Last time I had a bunch of vultures in my yard like that it was an armadillo. I had a neighbor come home one day, greeted with them lining her house and trees. Dead fox.

vw bug said...

I like Sticks idea of my kids keep getting hurt and the birds are circling to see what is going to happen next. But reality is there is a dead small gator and raccoon in the swell across the street. Sigh.

sticks said...

Okay. Maybe, the small gator killed the racoon. But then what killed the small gator? Keep your kids and Happy Dog close by.

You know your life is sounding like a Steven King movie lately. Dead animals across the street. Accidents keeping happening to your kids. Vultures circling the house. Better check your closets.

(Yes, there's that warped humor again. But, I posted it this time.)