Thursday, January 25, 2007

Better Spider Picture

Everyone seemed to think I could reach this spider or it could get to me. Nope, it is at the top of my screened in porch. I use the zoom to try and get pictures. Then again, it could always drop down on my head I guess. GRIN. Still, I thought this turned out to be a really cool picture. Click to Enlarge:

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pam said...

It IS a cool picture... of a nasty spider. Yuck. LOL!

Rave said...

I taught a First Aid class yesterday...and in doing do, I always seem to get people who want to share stories or old wives tales with me.

One lady in my morning class says, "I keep a cobweb in my house at all helps with cuts/bruises/ just run your hand/arm through it. I don't know why, but something in the web makes the pain go away."

I sat there dumbfounded.

Nice to know you have a cobweb, just in case... :)

Marie said...

Neat pic! That web is awesome!!

Mrs_Who said...

Rave: Growing up in the deep, deep South, I had relatives use cobwebs to make cuts 'stick' one ever got stitches.

VW: I think those are called 'crab' spiders. There is a yellow variety on who those dots on the abdomen make a smiley face....they're cute!

Alex said...

Wow! How this picture was made?