Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finally Frigid in Florida

Eeek... it got cold last night. From 80s to 40s is just too much for this Florida Female. Yep, stuck on F words.

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It should not be this cold at 7:45am in Florida.


Oddybobo said...

With the windchill this am it was 3 degrees!

Marie said...

Playing my teeny tiny violin for you.... ;-) I think it's in the teens here.

pam said...

Frigid Florida Female? That could be misconstrued... LOL!

It feels soooo gooood!!!!! Truly, I love it! :D

maranda rites said...

46 degrees is quite balmy to us midwesterners. I'm jealous! I had a wind chill of -2 degrees this morning with blowing snow (after it snowed all night) and slick spots to head to work in! Blah!

*dreaming of springtime*

Richmond said...

Heh. It's -3 here this morning (with the wind chill around -13.

These are the days I looooove having the "remote start" feature for my car.