Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fat Lip and Oxiclean

Yesterday was more than entertaining. Calling the doctor's office, calling Bou (who has 3 older boys), and just trying to do my best. Now for the story...

I fed my boys lunch outside on the back porch. I went in to make my sandwich after warning them to quit playing crash trains. Next thing I know there is a cry of pain from outside. I run out to see Tot with blood all over his mouth and crying. First thing out of my mouth was... Tater did you hit Tot with a train? Ding... not the best response from a mom. Sigh. Motherhood can be soooo hard. Next was what happened? But Tot wouldn't stop crying and tell me. I then asked Tater what happen. He said Tot fell on the cement and hit his mouth. Oh no!

I could not get Tot to let me touch his mouth. He kept covering it with his sleeve or his hand. Sigh. I picked him up and held him while calling the doctor's office. They told me all the common sense stuff... get some ice or popsicle in his mouth to slow down the bleeding. Check to see if it went through the mouth. Later Bou reminded me to check for a chip tooth.

Here is a picture of my hubby's sweatshirt I was wearing (remember Tot kept covering his mouth with his own sleeve):

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= = = = =

Turns out that he just had the tooth go in the bottom of his inside lip and come out the top of his inside lip... I have a picture of it but thought better than to post it.

But the coolest thing of all? Watching the oxiclean on the blood. It's better than Peroxide on a cut. Normally I have no thoughts on oxiclean one way or another... but here is proof that it actually worked:

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I could not get the long sleeve shirt off of Tot, so I doubt the blood will come out of that one... oh well. Is it the weekend yet?

= = = =

UPDATE:And here is a picture I took this morning of Tot... notice the 3 red spots under his lip... that is where teeth tried to come through. Ugh.

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oddybobo said...

You mean "Tot" don't you? *smile*

Poor baby.

GUYK said...

Wow..I know that hurts..I know because back when I was young and had teeth I did the same thing..more than once..

vw bug said...

Yaa. I meant Tot. Sigh. It's been a long couple of weeks. Thanks for the head's up.

Sissy said...

Awww...poor baby!! I hope he's feeling better.

Eric said...

... ouch!.... hope he gets well soon....

Bou said...

Bones just did that two days ago. his lip is still swollen and purple and boy did that sucker bleed. You think you're a bad Mom? I heard the wailing, saw the blood trickling down his chin and yelled, "GET OFF MY CARPET!!!"


Marie said...


pam said...

Poor Tot! It's good to know oxiclean works, though... I've never tried it, thinking all the hype was... well, hype.

Lemon Stand said...

I miss EVERYTHING when I can't get on the internet! I am so sorry about Tot. Been there with 3 of the 4 girls so far. And OXYCLEAN IS HEAVEN SENT!!!!

Rave said...

er, THEY WERE outside, not there were.
Sorry- typo there. (It's late)

Rave said...

They WILL outgrow hurting each other, if that's what happened.

I hope Tot feels better. Tell me, was he running around 30 minutes after it happened like nothing had happened? :)

Years ago, Boy, who is exactly 1 yr and 10 days older then Little Man, got mad at his little brother and gave him a wedgie. Unfortunately, they were on the back porch which is raised. Little Man fell and knocked his chin into the corner of the porch. Blood everywhere. (I was glad there were outside!)
Let me tell you- cellulite in the chin looks like cottage cheese. Ewww, gross.
Seven stitches and all was well with the world.