Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sling Shot

Been busy fixing a broken computer, doing chores and keeping the boys under control. Yet, I couldn't resist getting a picture of Tater... now tell me this is NOT a sign of things to come:

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And I found a cool picture of fractured clavicle that was close to what we saw in Tater's xray.

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= = = = =

Hopefully I'll have some cool pictures of Christmas tomorrow.


sticks said...

I hope he does better than Daredevil. He started breaking his when he was 2 and has done it 7 times since.

I hope everyone is feeling better.

Mrs_Who said...

Poor Tater and Daredevil! I would be absolutely freaking out...I've never had to deal with broken bones....yet!!!

Bou said...

Ugh. It would have been better if it had been his arm. Seriously. We did the arm thing. It was a non event. That clavicle break does NOT look like a non-event.

caltechgirl said...

well, he looks happy enough with the sling and the toys :-)

Poor little man.

Richmond said...

Oh wowzers - I hope he heals up soon! Yowch!