Thursday, December 14, 2006

Florida Morning

Woke up and it was raining this morning. When it finally got down to just a sprinkle, I tried to get the dog out and had to walk out with him. Decided to take a picture. It did not turn out as grey as it looks here. Or maybe it is just because I have had no sleep and am stressing. Either way, here is a picture taken this morning at 8am.

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We have Tater's Christmas Concert tonight. This is what it looked like as I drove home after dropping him off at Preschool at 9am:

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pam said...

Yep, it's been nasty all day. I heard it's flooding in some parts of PBC... hope you guys stay dry...!

Lemon Stand said...

HEY, you've still got GREEN grass! :o) I hope you will have clear weather for the concert. We have one on Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday! At least the schools didn't schedule them on the same days this year....I hate imitating split personalities for the kids....

Bou said...

I'm kinda done with the rain. Although better than snow... the ground is officially saturated.