Friday, December 02, 2005

Searches that Hit My Site

Search hits that I get:

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Ahhhh. The fun of having a blog.


GUYK said...

I get some wierd hits from google. Stuff like bock beer, sleeping with a dog, 13 year old indian virgins, and catfish soup. All in the same search. I may be able to write a post about some nut who wanted a thirteen year old indian irgin who could make bock beer and catfish stew and didn't mind sleeping in the same bed with the hounds. Has to be a redneck

VW Bug said...

I think the one that bothers me most is 'tongue pictures'.

Marie said...

Yeah I focused on that one too. I got one the other day looking for pics of a mom changing a dirty diaper. Huh?

_Jon said...


Anyhow. I've never done that - looked up my google hits. Don't know how, and don't really care to learn.