Friday, May 13, 2005

How to stay in out of trouble

Being one of those people who cannot resist a challenge, I have decided to give this challenge a shot. I was told by my Blog-Mom, Bou, not to use her as my example of a troglodyte. After reading the following definition... I cannot see why she bothered to challenge me.

1. One of any savage race that dwells in caves, instead of constructing dwellings; a cave dweller. most of the primitive races of man were troglodytes. "In the troglodytes' country there is a lake, for the hurtful water it beareth called the "mad lake."" (Holland)

2. A genus of apes including the chimpanzee.

3. A genus of singing birds including the common wrens.

She is not a cave dweller... she is a savage woman that lives in a house. I would not consider her an ape, I leave that for the male species. And I would never picture her as a soft sweet singing wren.

So as much as I like a challenge, I must say... I cannot undertake the ability to use her in comparison with a troglodyte.

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