Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Competition

Get ready, get set… and on Sunday it will be GO. I will be posting my weight once a week on Sundays. What does this have to do with competition? I will be competing with Bou to see who can reach their goal. I need a lot of support here. Why?

1. Bou’s kids are at school most of the day. Giving her the opportunity to go and exercise on a regular basis
2. Bou joined weight watchers and has the ability to easily track her food
3. Bou gets to sleep the whole night most of the week
4. Bou is more competitive than I am when it comes to weight loss

Ok, I have one advantage over her.

1. She started already and has lost that initial ‘big’ number of pounds.

Something to consider when you see our weights and what we are losing… Bou is small framed and I am medium/large frame. GRIN. I also believe women should have a certain amount of ‘fat’ (cushion for the push’n) on them. Personally I believe a sylph woman of my age looks anemic.

Now when you see my weight on my blog once a week, you will understand why.

1 comment:

Army Wife said...

I should join you both, however....I do not allow scales in my home.