Monday, March 21, 2005

H is for Hospital...

Which is where VW is right now. Son#2 has been admitted with a severe case of the croup. The flu has been running through their family and it appears to have settled in this little guy's upper respiratory.

Since I'm guest blogging, I am feeling free to tell you how it is.

The little guy will be fine. He's at one of the best pedo units around and I bet they let him out tomorrow. But let me tell you about VW... she is a strong woman, but she is a tired woman as any woman who has had toddlers can attest. Her babies are 13 months apart. For those of you without kids, that is close. Very close.

She has been sick the last 3 days, running a fever, fighting it herself. Before that Son#1 had it. She has been averaging about ONE hour of continuous sleep for the last week and I would venture to say, she never gets much more than 4 hours on any given night anyway. Her boys keep her hoppin' and they have a lot going on. A lot.

So here's what I need you to do. Say a nice prayer for her tonight... that her baby is better and that she gets some sleep. Throw some positive vibes her way....

And please, fill up her comments with good thoughts. I'd love for her to come back tomorrow and it be filled with good wishes. All of us with babies have been there... when you think surely you cannot take anymore... but it is the friends and support that see us through.

Fill 'er up.

Updates posted as I can... I'm off to take her dinner in a couple hours. I'm hoping the little guy will let me hold him while she sleeps. The probability of that is slim, but I am not without hope.

Thanks- Bou.

**Update: I just got back from the hospital. He was sleeping when I left, she was trying. He's a very sick little boy, but he will be fine. He has more than the croup, he also has asthma. They have him on massive doses of steroids and anything else they can use to combat it and are nebulizing him every 4 hours. I think the plan is for him to go home tomorrow, and considering when I left, his O2 was back up to 98-100%, perhaps he is on track.

I was there when the pediatrician arrived for her evening rounds. She said, "He sounds so MUCH better. I was so worried today." I 'm listening to him thinking, "He sounds like crap. He sounds better?" I cannot even imagine how bad he sounded 4 hours before when they admitted him.

If they stay another day, I will blog tomorrow. Otherwise, I am sure she will be back. I will keep everyone posted as I can.

OH! And he wouldn't let me hold him so she could sleep. If he thought I was evil before, he thinks I'm a satanic worshipper that eats little boys for breakfast now! I am just NOT Mama!
-Bou **


Graumagus said...

Thinking about you and crossing my fingers for your little guy to get well quick VW!!

He'll be fine: he comes from good stock :)

Christina said...

God Bless you little one.

My thoughts and prayers are with him, you, and your family.

He'll be fine, but it is scary.

Stay strong, dear.

Richmond said...

My prayers are with you. Sick kids are no fun and scary! I hope that VW gets some much needed rest.

Amanda said...

My thoughts are with you. I'm sure your little guy will be fine in no time. Hope he gets well quickly VW, and that you can get some well deserved rest.

Tammi said...

Thoughts are prayers are with ya sweetie. He'll be fine, but you gotta take care of you too!!!

I wish I were closer and could help in some way. Just know I'm thinking of you all.

Teresa said...

Tammi just told me... I'm so sorry it's been such an awful time for you. Sending prayers and good wishes that everyone gets better fast. Now you know why my kids were 4 and a half YEARS apart!!! Yikes girl!

Harvey said...


Just don't give me your flu :-)

Ogre said...

I hope he gets better quickly. Modern medicine is incredible, I bet he's running around tearing things up in less than a week!

_Jon said...

I have some vacation left.
Do you need me to come down and help out for a few days?

Lee Ann said...

My dear Bug and family, first *big hug* for all of you. Second *big hug* for everything you've had to go through and, third *big hug* just because.

Sending you warm fuzzies for a quick recovery for the little one and big warm fuzzies for Mom. I hope you all are feeling much better very soon and can get back to the joy of just every-day.

Lots of love and prayers! Lee Ann :D

P Mann said...

I hope the little guy is better soon. Also hope you get some sleep soon. Take care and get better.

Anonymous said...

My wish for you...a happy healthy boy today and a peaceful nights sleep. Many positive energies coming your way from Ga.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts coming your way! I've 'been there, done that' with my kids, and you mustn't forget to take care of yourself too.


Anonymous said...

Sending wishes for little boy foot steps hopping through the house accompanied by rolling laughter.

Love surrounds you from every direction.


Anonymous said...

Of course I'll be thinking of you and your son. Take it as easy as you can and if you can get someone to give you a little help, accept it. You can always return the favor.


Elizabeth said...

We went through this last month. It sucks, all right. But it sounds like he's doing well. I hope you all get to go home and get some sleep soon.

TNT said...

I'm a little late, but my thoughts are still with you. Hope everybodys getting healthy!