Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tent city

My in-laws wanted to get something for the kids to play with outside. So I suggested this cool tent setup. It said it could be folded up and put away in a minute. Hmmm. Since when did I start believing advertisements? I guess only at Christmas time.

#1 Son was having a blast. First he helped me haul it out to the yard and looked just as confused as I felt.

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Then I put some of it together. No Way was I going to put all the pieces together. It takes FOREVER to undo it. Fold it up? Just minutes, undo all the Velcro and ties? Forever.

Enjoy #1 Son playing through the tents… and you can play ‘Find #2 Son’. He is in some of the pictures. (click to enlarge the pictures)

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Harvey said...

Lucky kids.

Back in my day, when we wanted to embrace our claustrophilia, we had to steal refrigerator boxes from behind Montgomery Ward.

That 1 Guy said...

Looks like Son #2 is contemplating a jail break.

Always wondered why we liked confined spaces as kids. Not that they really bother me now, they don't, but you look at some of the hay tunnels we built, and you think, "How the hell is that fun?"

Christina said...

How cute!

That also looks like fun, do they come is slightly, ummm, bigger sizes?

Prochein Amy said...

We have a small set that week keep in the house. The kids love it. But I still have not figured out how to get it back to the size it was in the original package.