Sunday, January 16, 2005

Face Plant

I would like to share the following story about my #2 Son taking multiple face plants into the floor. In fact, I even have pictures he did it so much. Really! He started with taking out handfuls of clean white laundry. Leaving just a few. Then he climbed into the basket. So far, no problem… he is clean, his clothes are clean, and he is occupied while I fold the other load.

Then he gets on his knees, hands on the side and leans. Over he goes, face plant into the floor. I thought for sure he would have a bloody nose and squished fingers. I run over about the time he lifts up his head… he’s laughing. Hard. I stopped dead in my tracks. It was the cutest face with that laughter. He works the basket back into the upright position, gets back in and … you got it… does it again. And again and again.

With every effort, he gets a little smarter at catching himself and not letting his nose hit the floor. These pictures are towards the end, when he has it pretty down pat. (Click picture to enlarge it).

Lean, Lean, Lean:

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Hit the Floor:

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Laugh about it and do it again:

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Sally said...

That's so cute! I can certainly relate. I once tripped at the top of some stairs, somersaulted mid-air and landed on the ground. It was such fun, I got up to go do it again! I would have too if I hadn't broken my arm the first time ;-)

Maybe you have a future stuntman on your hands, VW!

Jody said...

We left Miss Brenna at my sister's house Friday to go to a Holiday Party for Doug's work. Brenna was in her bouncy seat and my 2-year-old nephew kept leaning over and kissing her. Somehow he lost his balance and fell face first, into the corner of the wall. Result: very bloody gash to the forehead & a call to their their neighbor who is an EMT.

Hoorah for your graceful falling man!

Jennifer said...

That is so cute! I'm just glad it's a small basket and he doesn't have far down to go lol. My son and daughter LOVE to play with the laundry basket too.

VW said...

Sally: Now I'm worried. I have one stunt man already (#1 Son). I'll be in that Emergency room way too many times in the future. ;-)

Jody: I read your blog about that. I was glad when my son didn't bust anything (and I actually thought about your nephew when my son fell - hence the running over to him).

Jennifer: Your kids are so great too. And don't worry... 27 isn't bad at 'tal! 37 is better. GRIN.

Boudicca said...

He is so smoochy! Tomorrow, all of us get to kiss all over him... Wonder whose going to want to sit next to the kid with the creamer. :)

Harvey said...

I used to do the same thing as a lad, except I used appliance cartons (usually washers, dryers, or refrigerators) as the tipping container.

GREAT fun :-)

Jen H said...

What a sweet grin! Boys always have to be so daring.