Thursday, January 27, 2005

Some more Pics

“Now Mom, that is a digger”… note where he is sitting. He has fallen backwards from that position and STILL sits there. Click the pictures to enlarge them.

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No way am I going to get dressed. Run from mom, run from mom. STOP, the Wiggles are on.

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Farm Boy!

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Jody said...

Ahh, diggers and the Wiggles. Instant entrancement. Amazing phenomenon.

Jennifer said...

Ahahahaa my kids run away from me too while I'm trying to get them dressed and bang stopped dead in their tracks by the television :) Cute pictures you're boys are just way to adorable.

Anonymous said...

How cute!!! I can't decide which one I like more, the 2nd or 3rd... but of course the top one is just as sweet... ;) I had one word going through my mind as I looked at them: Cute Cute Cute Cute... LOL!!


Harvey said...

I want to figure out a way to charge women a nickel every time they say the word "cute".

I'd be a millionaire :-)