Monday, January 24, 2005

It's Florida!

First, I should not be allowed to post when I'm on cold medication. Second, it should not be allowed to get this cold in Florida when I'm not feeling good. How Cold? At 8am it is 41F in West Palm Beach.

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The question is whether I can bundle the kids up, put them outside and still see them while inside... hmmm... maybe I can hide in the car. It's more the wind than anything. BRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr.


Jody said...

Well, that cold 41 is going to be our high today. Heat wave for us!!!

Quality Weenie said...

12 inches of Snow Saturday, close to an inch today, 1-2 inches on Wednesday.

In the past month we have had 40 inches of snow, normally we only have 20 inches.

Woke up to -5 on Saturday, not including the wind chill.

Right now (9:30am) 14 degrees with wind chill of 0 degrees.

Only two words come to mind:


Harvey said...

[dredges up fake sympathy for Bug]

You poor thing! :-)

VW said...

There are a TON of houses on the market down here right now... come on down. I would love to have all of you living closer to me. Then you could be the one posting about it being too cold for Florida.

Machelle: 40 inches??? Good gracious. I have a guest room, come on down. I lived in Illinois as a child and loved getting a few inches of snow... but we never got that much over a month or two. I would never leave the house as an adult with that much snow!

Jody: Talked to my Mom at noon and she said it just hit 41F. Hard to believe I grew up in that and freeze now when it goes below 50. ;-)

Harvey: [fake smile] Thanks! Guess I will offer that guest room to you and your wife if Machelle doesn't take me up on it. GRIN.

Anonymous said...

It was 3 degrees this morning here, but the excitement of the Eagles going to the Super Bowl and seeing you in 3 weeks make it more tolerable. PS we had 12 inches of snow too! BG

Ogre said...

You lucky bastards!

Oh, we useta dream of living in 41 degree temperatures! Why when I was younger, I had to sleep in -40 degree temperatures, just to wake up and walk the dog outside where it was nigh a bit over -60.

Aye, and with a 40mph wind!

Boudicca said...

Tsgonna be colder tonight.... Ack!