Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Win a Prize - from ME!

How do you win this prize? Come up with a theme for the week for my kids along with 3 crafts that are fairly easily done by a 5 year old. You can see examples in my previous posts about Snakes and this week being Trains and probably the American Flag next week (thanks to Quality Weenie). I still need ideas... I can come up with the books, the math and the like... but the crafts and what theme is the hard part. If you do this for me and send me an email or post a comment, I'll purchase one of these for you:

A Tall Ship and the Wind's Song, an Amazon Short by Patrick G Cox
Let Him In Constancy..., an Amazon Short by Patrick G. Cox
Facing the Banshee, an Amazon Short by Patrick G. Cox
Troubled Summer, an Amazon Short by Patrick G. Cox

About Amazon Shorts:

* Amazon Shorts content is available exclusively at Amazon.com/Shorts.
* Amazon Shorts are delivered electronically and available in PDF, HTML and text e-mail formats.
* Amazon Shorts are yours forever - after purchase, you can read them anytime by visiting Your Media Library.
* You are free to print Amazon Shorts to read in hard copy form at your convenience.

yaa, it's only 49cents. But it won't cost you a penny. I'll purchase it for you. You get to pick which one! Come on... give me some ideas... PLEASE!!!

Update #2: First winner is Marie at Practigal... come one come all, everyone that gives me ideas and crafts wins a prize (and links!) !!!

Sticks from Chaos to Serendipity has another great idea! Rainbow week. Do the colors of the rainbow. Love it and another prize to give away!

Quality Weenie came up with great ideas for Flag Day. Thank you!


Marie said...

Oh, VW, I feel so guilty not doing lesson plans like you do for the summer!

Here are some ideas though:
camping theme -- crafts might include making a tent (felt/popsicle sticks?), edibles (s'mores, or something healthier with crackers, cheese, veges), maybe decorating a custom water bottle or musical instrument to use by camp fire (you have to have campfire songs!)...

Another theme idea is the beach. You've probably done that though! Sandcastles, fossils with shells, jello fish...

vw bug said...

Marie: Very cool! I like the camping theme. I wonder where that old tent went to??? Ok, which book would you like? I can use the camping idea.

Everyone else: And that doesn't mean others can't win as well... just give me an idea and some crafts... I'll buy as many books as I get ideas with crafts. Come one, come all!

Quality Weenie said...

http://crafts.kaboose.com/suncatchers-american-flag.html - Flag suncatchers

http://www.kidssoup.com/4thofJuly/4thofJuly_coaster_craft.html - popsicule stick coasters

http://www.makingfriends.com/veteransdaypins.htm - flag pins

I don't need a prize either, just pictures if you make any of them!

sticks said...

Color week. Dress in the color. Make cupcakes with that color frosting. Do a different color each day. Identify things that are that color. Paint pictures all in the color of the day. Eat foods that color. (Orange, carrots, oranges; yellow, bananas, etc. Paint a rainbow and each day add a new color.

vw bug said...

Sticks: Great idea! Thank you, another winner!

Bou said...

I can come up with lots and lots of themes... no crafts. I'm craftless in West Palm Beach.

sticks said...

this blog has a few ideas.