Monday, June 09, 2008

Tater makes a PB&J

We start the morning out at 6am with Tater wanting to make his own PB&J. Eyes half open, I say sure. He gets the plastic knife, the peanut butter, the jelly (with help... dad put it on the top shelf), the bread. He can't get the twist tie off the bread complete... so mom helps. She verbally lets him know that the peanut butter goes on first so we don't get Jelly in it. Oh... the jelly is in a squeeze bottle so we don't get peanut butter in it. The only help he needed was working on the spreading of the peanut butter... I helped him turn his knife to a 45 degree angle to spread. He even cut it himself. Last week he learned about making his own bowl of cereal (mom had to move stuff down so he could reach it) and now a PB&J. Wow... as I tired as I am this morning... that boy is growing up fast.


Marie said...


We're working on ketchup & mustard here. Actually, his hands are just on the bottles, & Mom does the for-real squeezing (shh... don't tell him that!)...

Mrs. Who said...

This week: PB&J

Next week: A gourmet meal!

I bet he's so proud of himself. Yay!

vw bug said...

Marie: Yaa, we have had a few problems letting them squeeze the ketchup. That got taken away from them for a while.

Mrs. Who... I wish!