Monday, June 16, 2008

Eeek, My House Has Been Taken Over By Pirates

Mamaw made the boys some pirate costumes. That lady can sew. She couldn't find pants with stripes, so she sewed on stripes. Nope, I don't have that talent. But I am v.e.r.y happy she does... take a look at this (oh, she made 3 costumes... just in case we had a friend over):

What's a pirate without a map??? We had to make maps!

And as the day progressed, we had to switch from swords to guns...

The boys had a blast. We had some friends over on Saturday and the pirate costumes were a hit then as well. In fact, have been great since we got them! Thanks Mamaw!


pam said...

Aw, how cute is that??? Pretty dadgum cute, really! They're all ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day. ;)

vw bug said...

Yaa. I thought it was pretty cute. I loved the camouflage and dinosaur shirts under the costumes. Their choice. ;-)

Roses said...

She sewed on stripes!?!

My sister once made a tiger costume with an orange sweatsuit and black duct tape.
I thought that was impressive.

Mamaw wins!

Richmond said...

Arrrrgggh!! They look awesome!

Mrs. Who said...

Those pictures made me smile.