Monday, April 16, 2007

When Does School End?

I just realized that preschool ends in 4 weeks. FOUR. How long before school ends for everyone else? What about states other than Florida?



Marie said...

Well, we're not in preschool yet here, but our school year runs from early September til mid-June.

What are you and the boys doing for the summer?

maranda rites said...

4 weeks!?! EEK! Ours ends June 5th.

sticks said...

Daredevil only has 19 days left of school since he is a senior. Then July 23 he reports to bootcamp.

Pre-school! Wow that seems a lifetime ago.

marybeth said...

June 4 is the last day here. Between now and then they have three days off (besides weekends) - Memorial Day, election day, and Oaks Day. The last one is the day before Derby Day (the Kentucky Oaks is a race for fillies that is run on that day). I don't know why they get a day off for that unless it's to give us a day's head start leaving town before the Derby mob invades.

Mrs. Who said...

See Mrs. Who.

See Mrs. Who dance.

Dance, Mrs. Who, dance.

Why does she dance?

Because school is out in 5 weeks!!! Y'all take your brats home and keep them there!

Oops, what I meant to say is, 'have a nice summer at home with your parents, kids!'

Richmond said...

June 11th here - but then school doesn't start again until after labor day. *sigh*

Bou said...

1 June.

Tink said...

Sometime at the end of May; but then they started the first of August. I think the State put a halt to that though and they can't start this next year until mid-late August.