Thursday, April 12, 2007

Doodle Pad Issues

Seems like traveling with two boys and two doodle pads will continue to be a source of blog fodder...

This time I decided to call AWTM since she is back and see if all is well in her life of insanity and I had not heard from her in weeks...

From the back of the car I hear Tater...

Tater: "Mom, take a look at this picture"
Mom: "What is it?"
Tater: "It's you with a pe-nis!!"
Tater/Tot: Laughing out loud
Mom: "Sigh"

I hate to say it but you could barely see the stick figure because the size of the pe-nis. Guess this size thing starts at an early age.


wRitErsbLock said...


Marie said...

Oh man.

My son was just walking up the stairs naked this morning, holding on to his... He announced it very loudly: " I'm holding onnnnnn to my peeeeeeenis!"

That's nice, dear. Oh boy!