Saturday, June 25, 2005

Other Blogs

UPDATE: Being too lazy to check the links, I had a # sign in them again. Sigh. The links now work as of 2pm EST.

Being on the lazy side... I'm going to link to some other blogs.

Basil wants some compliments and at the same time to know what he should change about his blog. Go help him out.

Sissy took up the 25 Word Challenge and got THIS STORY in her comments.

Along with the story, she has a weekly challenge to use a word she has selected.

hegira \hih-JYE-ruh\ noun

: a journey especially when undertaken to escape from a dangerous or undesirable situation : exodus

I have seen this used all over the place. I have yet to use it in a sentence. Having kids you would think I would take a hegira to another city everytime they started having temper tantrums. ;-)

Being from a military family, I have to send you over to BlackFive. THIS POST talks about how to donate money to get kevlar blankets to our troops. Go read it and the rest of his blog.

And a cute girl is at THIS POST trying to make a jail break.

Or go to THIS POST to see what in the world Songstress and MIT want.

Swimming in Beer? Really!

And to right along with that is OddyBobo's Palm Pilot.

I had to LOL on Bou's cracking body parts. Only because mine do it so often at the weirdest times.

And last for tonight but not least is a POOH STORY.

Now there are a lot more good links. I'm just being lazy because it is 9:50pm EST and I should be asleep instead of writing a post for the morning. But I don't know how much time I'll have this weekend to get anything done. Enjoy the links and have a great weekend!

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