Monday, June 27, 2005

New Blog Showcase

Here are some new comers to the blogger world! Let's give them a warm welcome.

First up is Common Folk Using Common Sense. I just had to share the first thing I read upon entering this blog:

This 'tis be th' rantin' of a stoothearted lad in America o' Scot ancestry (by way o' th' Green Isle), wi' little care fer th' mincin' 'o words. Interrupt me no' when I is at me haggis and grits.

There is more to that quote... I'm just putting out a teaser. Shamalama sent in THIS POST for is showcase. Definitely something to read and consider.

Next up is Either Orr. And THIS POST starts with:

The most divisive social issues of the past half-century can best be summarized in four words…
It’s all about me.
Let’s take these issues in the cycle of life order.
Start with abortion.

And Bob has even more controversial issues in this post to keep you reading. You gotta go to his home page and go down to the post on the Khadr family. Very creative in the music department.

Phew. Enough of the hard core reading. We have our last (but certainly not least) entry into the showcase. TMH's Bacon Bits is a little lighter with THIS POST about taking their kids to the Circus. Don't let that fool you, that is the post they submitted for the showcase. They also have posts on SCOTUS, Euro-Hippies Support Iraqi Terrorists and other items.

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