Sunday, August 12, 2007

Smell My... (Part 2)

I couldn't believe my ears... Tot was in the bathroom poop'in and he was hollaring for his dad. The conversation went something like this...

Tot: Dad, Dad, Dad
Dad: Just a minute
Tot: Dad, come smell my poop
Dad: What? No, it's stinks.
Tot: **Laughter**
Dad: **Laughter**

Unbelievable. I just hope they don't ask me to smell their hand anytime soon as Roses pointed out in the comments. Yikes!


sticks said...

The shocking part was that he was hollering for DAD.

Bou said...

Shocking, but the best part! Did he think he was going to fool Dad into smelling it?!

vw bug said...

Yaa... it was rather a shock that he hollered for Dad... but I just loved the fact that he wanted Dad to go in and smell it. Some how Bou, I don't think he did think he was fooling dad. He was laughing too much.

Roses said...

BTW, I asked the husband when farts stop being funny to males. He tried to make be believe that it wears off somewhere around high school...

But then he and the boys proceeded to laugh at bodily functions several times before the evening was over.

When I shot him a raised eyebrow, he could only shrug. "Okay, so it never stops being funny."