Friday, August 10, 2007

Back To School Haircuts

Time to get spruced up for school... and the boys behaved at the beauty saloon. Yep, we changed the place we get our hair cut. It is called Great Clips. And the beautician was v.e.r.y patient. What felt like I was taking a thousand pictures... I finally got this decent one:

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Most of them looked like this:

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sticks said...

They are growing so fast. They don't look like babies anymore. Too cute.

Bou said...

They are so smoochy! Look at those cheeks! I used to love my boys getting their big boy haircuts and then I'd kiss all over them. I loved it far more than they did. ;-)

Oddybobo said...

Gorgeous - we gave the boy a choice "High and Tight" or close and he went "High and Tight" this time!

Love it!

Marie said...

Such handsome boys!!! Back to school time already? We don't start til after Labor Day here.

Amy said...

Maybe they can dress up like KISS for halloween? tehe!

Mrs. Who said...

Tater looks all ready for Kindergarten...but is Mom?