Monday, August 27, 2007

Chess for Beginners?

Tater has taken a great interest in chess. We have been working with him on it, but thought if we could find a pc game that would help... since he likes playing on the pc... that we would buy it for him. My hubby read the info on Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures. But trying to find it is another story. Amazon has it and so does ebay. Nothing really good on the few reviews I found... though some had screen shots. Any suggestions? B


The Gray Monk said...

Give him a fun traditional set - there are some lovely (and not too expensive)fun figurine sets available. He'll love them.

Tink said...

Call me tonight and remind me to ask Pan if we still have the Star Wars disk. But until he really gets familiar with the game itself it may be better to have an actual chess set and play with him. (though I understand the need to have it on the computer, lol)

Bou said...

Gray Monk is right. They have some fun traditional sets for kids, some with Disney characters etc. My kids love chess and love the feel of the pieces in their hands.