Saturday, July 28, 2007

University of What?

h/t CalTechGirl

You're the University of Washington!
A visionary for your area, you truly can see it all. At the
same time, you used to be prone to burning out and trying to do it all. You
have to remember that you're just one person, and can't be responsible for a
whole community. But this is a lesson you've managed to learn long ago and
now you rely on all sorts of people. Many of them really enjoy looking at you.
Even though it seems like an out-of-date phrase, you're a big fan of dubbing

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pam said...

...but...but...two kids ARE like a small community! LOL!

I was Notre Dame... I think because when it asked "are you Catholic?" I said yes. ;)

Ogre said...

"Carnegie Mellon University"