Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bathroom Talk

There is nothing like having small children to keep you humble. Tater decided he had to go the bathroom while we were in Michaels. Which was fine until I discovered he had to poop. Ugh. Trying to keep Tot entertained in a strange bathroom while not allowing him to touch anything is always a treat... add a 5 to 15 minute wait due to pooping... not fun.

This time... it was humbling. There were only two stalls in the bathroom. Tater had one and some lady on a cell phone had the other (the handicapped stall). I am usually surprised by people who talk on the phone while in a bathroom, but this time I was happy she was talking. Particularly when a conversation something like this started with Tot using his 'outside voice':

Tot: Mom, is she pee'ing?
Mom: I don't know. Try hopping 3 tiles.
Tot: Mom, is she pooping?
Mom: Tot, this is really not something we need to discuss. How about hopping some tiles?
Tot: Mom, she must be pee'ing, I can't hear her pooping.
Mom: **blink**


pam said...

LOL!!!! Kids!!!! This and Bou's self-gratifying monkey will keep me going all day... :)

Bou said...

LOL! Holy crap that's funny!

The Gray Monk said...

ROFL!Nothing like kids to expose all our pretensions!

Ogre said...

Oh come on, play along! You could have replied, "Well, Tot, if she was pooping, we'd probably smell it by now..."

Mrs. Who said...


wRitErsbLock said...

Funny story... I was in the bathroom in Michaels the other day, and there was a woman with two small boys in the stall next to me. One of her boys was making quite stink, by the way. The other boy was quite curious about my bathroom activities.

How rude!!

vw bug said...

baw ha ha ha. Since she came out of the stall while I was there, I know it wasn't you. Hope you smiled as you left!