Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Now Why Didn't Someone Invite Me?

Seems there was a VW Bug convention and I wasn't told!

Which one would best suit me??? Picture 3? Picture 8? Picture 9? Picture 13?

Anyone that knew me in college would remember my Honda CRX... it had a sound system that was able to move the car... This bug reminded me of it.

Next time, I need to attend!!! ;-)


pam said...

I love the paint job on #8, but #3 is very cool! #5 is very deco... like it, too. :)

Harvey said...

I like #3, but I think #8 is more you.

BTW, the link to #13 goes to #3. Try this one:


vw bug said...

Thanks Harvey! Got it fixed. And 8 is the least like me. I just thought they did a great paint job. I hate flowery stuff except the real things. You should have seen me b.tching when I was looking at maternity clothes. Most everything is flowery or with lace all over it.

Teresa said...

I can see you in camo... *grin*

sticks said...

I think you more like #14. I can see Tater and Tot getting cars stuck in your hair.