Thursday, June 07, 2007

Volcano Lesson 101

Ever think that something would be fun only to find out that it is a lot of work for mom? Yaa... I learned that lesson. How hard could it be to make two paper mache volcanoes and then let them blow up? Not too hard unless you have a 4 year old asking every 5 minutes when we could put in the stuff to make the volcano explode. Sigh...

No I did not wait for each layer to dry before we put on the next one... After the layers, we decided that we would not paint them but put real dirt and grass on them. Big mistake. Next time, this is done OUTSIDE, not on the back porch.

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Before the time of explosion, we must do flybys with our new airplanes...

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Great big mess. The kids loved it.

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pssst. Notice the grass is starting to turn green? We had a rain a couple of days ago. Yipee.

Ohhh. And we can't forget the flybys after the explosion....

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The kids loved it. I will be doing it again, but definitely this will ALL be created and done outside. Where? I don't know... but outside.


pam said...

They look really cool and I know the kids are having a blast, but ohmygosh, how messy! LOL!

wRitErsbLock said...

Oh how fun! Where did you get the idea?

Rave said...

Okay- too cool.

You should be up for Mom of the Year for that. :)

michele said...

Yay! that was great fun!