Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Humor for Dreaded Wednesday


Have you noticed the hurricane names just do not do justice to how terrifying the storms are? Who could be afraid of names like Karl, Lisa, Jeanne or Nicole? The proposition is to create a new set of names that will get people's attention that a dangerous storm is on the way. Attention grabbing names like beast, freak, psycho, nuke and hell. Below is a proposed list of new hurricane names.

Proposed New Hurricane Names For Next Year

A Annihilate

B Beast

C Cantankerous

D Demolishment

E Evil

F Freak

G Grisly

H Hell

I Infamous

J Jeopardy

K Kooky

L Liverish

M Malicious

N Nuke

O Offensive

P Psycho

Q Quash

R Ravage

S Scuzzy

T Terminator

U Ugly

V Vicious

W Wacko


Dazd said...

I can think of a few the FCC wouldn't like...

Roses said...

I'm just glad they're given male names now as well as female.
That always seemed unfair to me.

Of course, they are called hurricanes, not himmicanes...


Lemon Stand said...

LOL! As always, thanks for the chuckle.

Hapkido said...

I dunno. Hurricane Karl can be pretty scary...anything that makes me think of Marx can't be good. :-)

Contagion said...

Can Z be for Zombie?

Mrs. Who said...

'Wacko' makes me think of that old show, the Animaniacs...Wacko, Yakko and Dot??? A hurricane to laugh at? I could handle that.