Friday, May 25, 2007

The Real Summer Vacation

Seems that the first couple of days of 'summer' vacation are always entertaining. Like it being 90 degrees and Tot insisting on wearing a superman costume. Or playing loud obnoxious instruments on the back porch at 9am. Sure those kids who wanted to sleep in just loved us. ;-) It didn't seem to bother Happy Dog!

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Rave said...

Mine never slept in once school was over, either. Until now, that is.

High school seems to change a child. Now they want to stay up all night and sleep all day.

At least *I* get to sleep in starting tomorrow!

----what kind of dog is happy dog?----

Dazd said...

LOL Oh yes...whistles are a big thing in my area. Including my son...

vw bug said...

Happy is a French Mastiff (aka Dogue de Bordeaux):

most people have seen Turner and Hooch. He is Hooch. ;-) He is great with the kids.